Loop Partner Technology Spotlight: Backup and Disaster Recovery

We asked our friend and partner Kyle Elworthy of Network Essentials to share his insights on backup and disaster recovery, and how your business should make sure it doesn’t become a victim.

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What is a Fully Managed Hosted Phone System?

Unlike most of our competitors, Loop Communications offers a fully managed hosted phone system. That’s a mouthful, but what does it mean? It means that when you start working with us, we’ll have a hands-on role with your onboarding process, instead of sending you a manual or asking you to watch a video. It means that [...]

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Customer service tips for your business

We’re proud of our consistently good customer service feedback – just check out G2 Crowd or our own TrustSpot reviews for some examples. Since we have strong opinions on the importance of customer service, we decided have Loop Founding Partner/CEO Brian Tolleson share his feelings on the subject. If you’ve got a new startup, or struggle with customer service in your existing business, Brian’s thoughts might help.

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