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10 Key Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vendor Partner

Have you ever been stuck in a business partnership that turned out to be a disaster? Or maybe you have had a wonderful experience and things are going smoothly? As we face a pivotal time in our world, many businesses are making a transition to the cloud and have realized its potential to grow, while eliminating costly, time-consuming, and complex infrastructure management.

One of the many parts of migrating your business or some services to a cloud infrastructure includes selecting a vendor partner—according to, having a strong vendor relationship will make you grow as an MSP. There are many cloud providers in the market for various services, one known as Loop Communications specifically works with MSPs to provide fully-managed Hosted VoIP Phone Systems to your customers, and with the top-rated customer service in the industry! Download this free e-book to get strategic tips on how to choose the perfect vendor partner for your service offerings. 

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Pursue new sustainable revenue streams that you fully control without complicated partner relationships. Take your customers from orders to operational quickly, speeding up revenue recogintion. Don’t refer to the competeion, own the customer relationship.  Focus on your customers, your core competencies and your bottom line.

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Top-Rated Customer Service in VoIP

Why Partner With Loop

Earn Commissions

Earn a monthly recurring commission for as long as your customer is with Loop Communications.

We are Engineers

We work with you to make sure the customer is setup for success before, during, and after the installation. We know your job isn’t easy and we are built to make you successful.

We Handle Support

Your customers will contact us directly for phone related support, you never have to act as the middle man or try to troubleshoot an issue on our end.

Fully Managed Phone System

Your customers do not have to learn how to configure or manage a phone system, we handle everything for them from simple name changes to complex call routing.

We Make You Look Good

Our customers love our amazing customer service.

No Long-term Contracts

At Loop, we believe it’s wrong to stifle your growth or shackle you to bad customer service with a long term contract. We don’t trap you or trick you because we work hard every day to make sure you want to stay.

“VoIP is more than just a replacement for landline phones, it is a complete revolution in business communications, allowing companies to streamline and improve processes while offering superior customer service and slashing costs.”

Sarah Graves, Channel Marketing Manager , Loop Communications