These Terms of Service constitute the agreement (“Agreement”) between Loop Communications (“we,” “us” or “Loop Communications”) and the user (“you,” “user”, “Customer” or “Subscriber”) of Loop Communications’ business services and any related products or services (“Service”). This Agreement governs both the Service and any devices, such as an IP phone, switch, router or any other IP connection device (“Device” or “Equipment”), used in conjunction with the Service. If you purchased Equipment from a dealer, retail store or other provider other than Loop Communications, you are a “Retail Customer” for purposes of this Agreement.



1.1 You understand that 911 Service is only provided by Loop Communications IP Desk Phones. You further understand that 911 Service is not provided or available on the other Loop Communications software applications and services (including without limitation some softphones)

1.2 Registration of Physical Location Required. For each phone number that you use for the Service, you must register with Loop Communications the physical location where you will be using the Service with that phone number. When you move the Device to another location, you must register your new location. If you do not register your new location, any call you make using the 911 Dialing feature may be sent to an emergency center near your old address. You will register your initial location of use when you subscribe to the Service. Thereafter, you may register a new location by contacting customer support at [email protected] or 704-754-5000.

1.3 Service Outages. (a) Service Outages Due to Power Failure or Disruption. 911 Dialing does not function in the event of a power failure or disruption. If there is an interruption in the power supply, the Service, including 911 Dialing, will not function until power is restored. Following a power failure or disruption, you may need to reset or reconfigure the Device prior to utilizing the Service, including 911 Dialing.
(b) Service Outages Due to Internet Outage or Suspension or Termination of Broadband Service or ISP Service. Service outages or suspensions or terminations of service by your broadband provider or ISP will prevent all Service, including 911 Dialing, from functioning.
(c) Service Outage Due to Suspension or Termination of Your Loop Communications Account. Service outages due to suspension or termination of your account will prevent all Service, including 911 Dialing, from functioning.
(d) Service Outages Due to ISP or Broadband Provider Blocking of Ports or Other Acts. Your ISP or broadband provider or other third party may intentionally or inadvertently block the ports over which the Service is provided or otherwise impede the usage of the Service. In that event, provided that you alert us to this situation, we will attempt to work with you to resolve the issue. During the period that the ports are being blocked or your Service is impeded, and unless and until the blocking or impediment is removed or the blocking or impediment is otherwise resolved, your Service, including the 911 Dialing feature, may not function. You acknowledge that Loop Communications is not responsible for the blocking of ports by your ISP or broadband provider or any other impediment to your usage of the Service, and any loss of service, including 911 Dialing, that may result. In the event you lose service as a result of blocking of ports or any other impediment to your usage of the Service, you will continue to be responsible for payment of the Service charges unless and until you terminate the Service in accordance with this Agreement.
(e) Other Service Outages. If there is a Service outage for any reason, such outage will prevent all Service, including 911 Dialing, from functioning. Such outages may occur for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, those reasons described elsewhere in this Agreement.

1.4 Re-Activation Required if You Change Your Number or Add or Port New Numbers. 911 Dialing does not function if you change your phone number or if you add or port new phone numbers to your account, unless and until you successfully register your location of use for each changed, newly added or newly ported phone number.

1.5 Network Congestion; Reduced Speed for Routing or Answering 911 Dialing Calls. There may be a greater possibility of network congestion and/or reduced speed in the routing of a 911 Dialing call made utilizing the Service as compared to traditional 911 dialing over traditional public telephone networks.

1.6 In some parts of the country where direct routing to PSAPs is not available for VoIP 911 Service, the Service will route Your call to the National Emergency Call Center where trained agents will ask for the name, location, and telephone number of the person calling 911 and will contact the appropriate PSAP to send help. The call center will not automatically receive Your address and telephone number. In these situations, public safety response times may be delayed. As a result, there may be an additional delay before emergency services arrive.

1.7 Disclaimer of 911 Liability. Loop Communications disclaims all responsibility for the conduct of PSAPs, the National Emergency Call Center, and all other third parties involved in the provision of emergency response services. Loop Communications does not have any control over PSAPs, the National Emergency Call Center, or other third parties and is therefore not responsible for whether they answer 911 calls made using the VoIP service, how they answer these calls, or how they handle or respond to these calls. Loop Communications relies on third parties to assist it in the provision of 911 service and disclaims any and all liability for acts or omissions by third parties in the provision of Loop Communications’ 911 service.


2.1 Term. Service is offered on a monthly basis. The term begins on the date that Loop Communications activates your Service and ends on the day before the anniversary date of your Term. Subsequent terms of this Agreement automatically renew on a monthly basis unless you give us written notice of non-renewal at least ten (10) days before the end of the monthly term in which the notice is given. You are purchasing the Service for full monthly terms, meaning that if you attempt to terminate Service prior to the end of a monthly term, you will be responsible for the full month’s charges to the end of the then-current term, including, without limitation, unbilled charges,  all of which will immediately become due and payable. You will also be responsible for the next full month’s charges in the event that you do not provide the requisite ten-days notice of termination prior to the expiration of the then-current term. Expiration of the term or termination of Service will not excuse you from paying all accrued and unpaid charges due under this Agreement.

2.2 You shall not resell or transfer the Service to another party without our prior written consent. You are prohibited from using the Service for auto-dialing, continuous or extensive call forwarding, telemarketing (including, without limitation, charitable or political solicitation or polling),