We are excited about this holiday season! WOW! Has it been a crazy year? As we quickly move through the holiday season, we love the different phases as we carve the turkey, wrap presents, spread the joy, visit family (on zoom), and watch the ball drop. In the rush, have you stopped to think of how others are experiencing this holiday season? This year, you can easily introduce a little cheer back into the world as Loop Communications will donate $50 dollars in your name to the charity of your choice below. To make this an even more meaningful gift, all of the charities for you to choose from are supported by Loop directly as we work with their telecom needs. Select now where your gift will change a life! Simply fill out the form below to choose your charity, Loop will make the donation in your name, and you will receive a confirmation of your donation! For questions or more info, please contact Sarah at [email protected]

Baptist Children’s Homes of NC

Mission: To provide the highest quality of Christian services to children, adults, and families in a caring culture of measurable excellence, sharing hope, and changing lives. We serve 23 North Carolina communities plus an orphanage in Guatemala, providing programs and services for children of all ages, teen mothers, single mothers, and their children, developmentally disabled adults as well as frail and aging adults. Learn more here!

Free Medical Clinic of Darlington County

Mission: To provide quality healthcare and medications at no cost, to residents of Darlington County who cannot pay for such services and who have no health insurance. The health status of those serviced is improved by providing quality services based on identified needs and improving the accessibility of care. Learn more here!

The Harvest Center

Mission: Create a community where individuals impacted by homelessness, poverty, and unemployment are empowered through our transitional programs and transformed by the love and ministry of Jesus Christ. Learn more here!

Lily Pad Haven

Mission: Lily Pad Haven is a nonprofit organization that provides housing for survivors of human trafficking. We have a network of safe houses which can each house up to two guests. Our guests are referred by Government and Non-government organizations that work with victims of human trafficking. Learn more here!


Mission: The caring professionals at Monarch work diligently to provide a safe and nurturing, trauma-informed environment for each person. Staff provides individualized services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illnesses as well as support and counseling for those with substance use challenges. Learn more here!

United Way of Florence

Mission: To help positively impact the needs of Florence County, we fund 30 programs through 22 local non-profits that are providing services in the education, youth, health, special needs, financial stability, and emergency service sectors. Learn more here!