Loop took the time to understand our culture and business goals, realizing that as a profit-sharing organization we had to manage costs effectively. They significantly reduced our costs and improved our reliability and functionality. By listening, instead of talking to us in terms and language we don’t understand, we now feel like we have a real partner
Bobby Faulk
Operating Partner / Keller Williams
There are so many variables in selecting a phone carrier today. Our company, Dentistry of the Carolinas, worked with several hosted business phone service providers but none of them offered the level of customer service coupled with the knowledge to handle our growing company’s needs. Loop Communications provided the solution we were looking for and ensures our 13 locations operate at the level necessary to handle our high call volume and continued scheduling updates needed to run our business smoothly. They are prompt in answering and responding to our calls and requests and help troubleshoot potential problems.
Tyler Hammock
When our outdated phone had a number of service issues, our company began to look for a new phone vendor and phone system. We found a large amount of companies and quite honestly wanted to give up on the search. Then we found Loop.
James was the only person we spoke with who was clear and concise with expectations, features, and pricing. Our company required a specific set of features that were imperative to our business needs including call recording and voicemail to email. All of which Loop was able to fulfill with no extra charges.
The transition was simple, and James was available for questions, hand- holding, and training. The service level since our inception has been exceptional and continues to this day. Loop has a refreshing team that understands follow through, customer service, and good old fashion hand-holding to keep a customer long term.
Beth Anderson
James McKinney and his team at Loop Communications are consummate professionals who are meticulous about their work. They pay attention to detail and are always quick with a solution should a problem arise. I give my highest recommendation to James and his team at Loop Communications.
Dr. Maeve O'Connor
We’ve been partners with Loop Communications now for the past year. And I stress the word PARTNERS… from Day 1, James and his team has taken the time to understand my business needs and integrate their technology into our existing systems to create a much more efficient & cost effective option for our phone systems. Their help and support made the transition seamless, and the cost savings achieved already has been fantastic. Their continued support of my business has been great, and whether you are a small business like myself or a larger corporate entity, Loop Communications has the resources and expertise available to meet and exceed your expectations. I highly recommend them!
John Rath
President/Owner / Safeguard Business Systems
When we switched to Loop for phone service, we also changed internet providers on the same day. The internet transition was difficult and new provider was not much help. James went out of his way to help and made some suggestions on how I could trace the source of the problem, then he contacted an IT company to come in and get us back in business.
Since that day I have learned that that's just the way James and Loop work with their customers. They do what they say they'll do, get it right the first time and get it done on time. They continue to be a great resource for the phone system as well as advice on other IT related issues.
Steve Cageao
Working with Loop Communications has been incredible! Recently Window Source of Northern Virginia has expanded south into Richmond, VA. Loop has provided our company with a seamless integration where calls into our Richmond office can be transferred up north when needed, so we can provide our customers the best service possible. This is absolutely fundamental for any growing business. Loop Communications provides the very same type of service. When you place a call into them it is answered, and the person on the other line is always prepared to provide the answers you are looking for.
As a small business owner you tackle so many day to day tasks. Worrying about your phone lines, and the associated fees should not be one of them. I have yet to see a company that can compete with Loop Communications. I know I can breathe easy knowing I have them in my corner. Paying on a month to month basis makes me feel comfortable. It ensures me of their confidence that they will always go above and beyond to provide the best customer service possible to retain my business. I highly recommend Loop Communications.
Chris Bazow