What should you consider when choosing a VoIP provider? We believe it’s VoIP Support.

VoIP phone service is a fast-growing business. Numerous companies offer VoIP service to small business customers, therefore, choosing a VoIP provider may seem like a difficult task for many people. Here are some of the ways Loop Communications provides exceptional support and service to our MSP partners and your customers. The 4 pillars of our support help demonstrate an industry-leading VoIP provider who wants to partner with you! Check out our reviews and awards here to learn more. 

Exceptional Service

We believe in deep and lasting service, so we work hard to earn your business every day. By assisting your customers in acquiring a VoIP system, helping with set-up & configuration, installing features, and continually being available for quick fixes or updates, we are a fully-managed VoIP phone system provider, we handle it all so you and your customers don’t have to! Every customer is different and has varying business communication needs. We strive to really evaluate and understand their methods of operations and pain points we can relieve. We make it happen. We support your customers so they can easily and successfully run their business communications with the most potential and scalability.

High-Quality VoIP

More and more businesses are relying on virtual communications in order to provide flexibility in business. We’ve designed our business phone service from the ground up to be flexible, reliable and most of all, customer-focused. The result is a cloud-based business phone system that works around your customer’s needs rather than the limitations of antiquated hardware or constraining policies. We work with you to make sure your customer is also set-up for success when it comes to the connectivity and stability of their internet connection. We help identify, diagnose, and resolve these issues so it takes the burden of intricate, technical support off of your hands. Without a stable network, and properly managed VoIP connectivity, VoIP success is unlikely. So, be sure your VoIP Partner can expose these issues prior to it arising later on and causing an interruption in the middle of your customer’s workday.

All-Features Included

We offer enterprise-class business phone features that have provided efficiency and reliability for advanced business needs in a variety of industries. Our VoIP features aren’t tiered with extra charges or additional costs per feature. All features listed here are included in the base price your customers pay, no surprise fees. Things like text and voicemail to email are key features that have provided support for customers needing to transition to remote working and still maintain the same tools to function as if they were in an office. During COVID19-has your VoIP provider considered your customer’s transition and made it a smooth one?

MSP Growth

Managed Service Providers that Partner with Loop earn a monthly recurring commission for each customer, as long as they using our services. The best part is, there are NO minimums, caps, quotas, SPIFFs, or other numbers nonsense to keep track of. You provide us a customer, and we provide you financial growth, it’s that simple!

Switching your customers to Loop Communication’s VoIP is faster and easier than you think, we are ready when you are! Please contact us at 800-586-0321 for a free evaluation or reach out to James or Brian at [email protected]