Your business phone system service agreement with Loop Communications offers CRM integration features that increase your VoIP business communications for today’s flexible workforce; Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a vital tool for businesses to keep track of their interactions with prospects and customers. CRM integrations allow third parties, such as cloud VoIP providers, like Loop Communications to connect your CRM account with your business phone system and exchange data between the two platforms. Being a cloud-based phone system, VoIP can easily integrate and communicate with other computer systems on the cloud. But what advantages does this actually bring to your business?

Here’s what you can expect from using our VoIP service that integrates with your existing CRM platforms:

  • Easily view a popup alert on your computer for all inbound calls, showing the ID info of the caller
  • For incoming calls, the user can click on the desktop popup or answer the phone, and the system will automatically open the related company or contact information page in your CRM platform. This is ideal for help desk integration, helping you provide better support.
  • We also have a click-to-dial extension that will convert phone numbers on a web-based CRM into clickable links which will make a direct outbound call to that number-enabling the user to directly call the customer from the software itself.

For more details about CRM integration and other great VoIP business phone system features from Loop Communications, contact us now!