For the first edition of Loop Partner Spotlight, we spoke to Michael Pfaff, Director of IT & Sales for Network Data Security Experts (NDSE). An alumnus of both Pittsburgh Technical College and the United States Coast Guard, Michael is experienced with numerous Microsoft environments, specializing in Windows Server and Exchange.

What does NDSE do?

We’re a managed services provider that covers everything from day-to-day break/fix to support of specialized infrastructures, with a focus on network security.

What makes your company different?

Everything we do is offered for a fixed fee. There’s no hourly billing, or blocked hours. We’ve figured out how to convert that to a fixed cost, making our service costs predictable and budget-friendly.

Most MSPs offer only support for a fixed fee. NDSE expands that to include consultation, network security and monitoring, and more. This makes things easier – there are no separate bills for different things. Everything is under one umbrella.

What are NDSE’s specialties?

Our largest verticals are financial – especially related to security – and manufacturing.

What is the typical size of the businesses you work with?

We work with businesses of all sizes.  The sweet spot is 50-500 users, but we work with firms from 25 users to three or four thousand.

NDSE has clients across the United States, and currently supports a publicly-traded company with locations in 35 countries.

What should businesses look for in a managed services provider?

Businesses should select an MSP that has their best interest at heart.  The ideal MSP leverages what a business already has, instead of trying to solve problems by charging more money.

Our clients never have the fear of calling us due to our fixed monthly fee. Unfortunately, some MSPs charge for every call and problem a client has.

How long have you worked with Loop?

About a year. We’ve been deploying them on just about every client we can.

ndse michael pfaff

Michael Pfaff

What has been positive about the relationship?

They were network engineers, so they understand that network infrastructure has to be correct before deploying.

They don’t sell their service directly to our customers, so they’re not a competitor.

Also, their team has been very prompt and responsive, usually solving issues on the same day.

Except for having to work with Gomer Pyle (meaning James McKinney), it’s been great.

What’s different about Loop compared to other business phone companies?

In the past, our experience with phone companies was hit and miss. We couldn’t find a provider that solved issues without simply spending money to add features.

With other providers, our customers would call us first, and we’d have to relay their issues. Loop’s fully managed solution is easier for everyone. They always get it.