Your business phone system service agreement with Loop Communications offers an MMS Texting feature that increases your flexibility to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

New ways of communicating are changing how we use our phones and connect to our customers and employees. MMS, also known as Multimedia Messaging Service, lets you send unlimited text messages with pictures, audio, and video files to your recipients, using your local business phone number rather than your personal cell-phone number. MMS messages allow for larger files to be sent, quickly and efficiently.

Anyone can reply and send MMS messages directly back to your business phone number and you will receive the message via your email. You can respond from your email directly and the system will automatically text back to the sender’s number, simple. To the recipient, it’s undetectable that the text is coming from anything other than another phone. But as the sender, you have the ultimate flexibility of texting and sending media files from anywhere and anything with your email connected!

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