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Frequently Asked Questions2017-06-21T19:32:59+00:00
Is unlimited calling included in my monthly fee?2014-08-26T21:07:10+00:00

Yes, within the United States.

How do I set up my VOIP network?2014-08-26T21:06:51+00:00

We handle set up and walk you through the entire process.

Can I keep my current number?2014-08-26T21:06:30+00:00

Yes. In all but the rarest cases, we can have your existing number ported over.

Are there set up fees?2014-08-26T21:05:21+00:00

No. We will provide you as much help as you need to get your office up and running, free of charge.

What happens if the Internet goes down?2014-08-26T21:05:00+00:00

Your phone system continues to work. If power or Internet is lost, calls can be automatically rerouted to another office, to cell phones, or home. Voicemails and auto attendants continue to work as normal.

What type of equipment do I need?2014-08-26T21:04:24+00:00