Managed Service Providers Don’t Like to Leave Their Comfort Zone

Often MSPs have worked hard to build partnerships with their customers to sell their primary service offering. They have spent time training, building, contracting, and supporting their staff and customers on other offerings and don’t feel comfortable putting themselves out there to try something completely new. They are comfortable in their groove of providing their primary service that it may seem risky to learn something completely new and begin selling a new service. As an MSP, it’s easy to continue to sell what you’ve always sold and stayed in your comfort zone. You’re used to IT and technologies you know, and your customers are happy. The status quo might be okay for now, but stepping out of your comfort zone to sell cloud phone systems might be the key to achieving real and sustainable growth. There are only 44% of MSPs selling VoIP. With the global VoIP market on the rise, especially in 2021, now is the time to offer your customers a tool that will improve the way they communicate while giving your company a boost to the bottom line. Being uncomfortable with the change in your business is understandable, but partnering with a solid VoIP provider will increase your confidence, and their help in your transition will keep you successful during the change. When you partner with Loop Communications to sell VoIP, we are here with you AND your customers, every step of the way.

Managed Service Providers Think They Will Make Less Money with the Cloud

The VoIP market is expected to continue the rapid growth levels in the future, just as it has in the past. The MSPs that jump into this market with a clear vision of where they fit into the VoIP network will have the best chance of making money in the long run. In addition, picking a VoIP partner that is committed to your success is critical. The VoIP market is one of the most lucrative ways to make money. When you sell cloud phone systems, you benefit from recurring revenue — without the recurring effort. With hosted VoIP, you won’t work too hard to earn your money. Once you’ve sold the service, you know you’re going to be paid every month. You have no system maintenance, no upgrade, or day-to-day monitoring to worry about. Actually, you partner with a vendor like Loop, you don’t have to pay for licenses and your money stays in your pocket. It also means you have more time to work on your leads and sell more of your primary service that makes the most profit.

Managed Service Providers Don’t See the True Value of the Cloud

When MSPs partner with established VoIP partners, especially ones with Partner Programs, they are set up with success from the beginning. Many MSPs avoid selling VoIP phones because they don’t see the value of the cloud when it comes to phone services. Loop assists MSPs from the start, initially setting up the cloud phone system, providing a monthly recurring commission, and assisting our partners with their marketing efforts to sell our service. On top of that, we take care of all support aspects: maintenance, upgrades, monitoring & troubleshooting and work directly with your customers to fix anything wrong instead of leaving you with the burden of support. The value here is making money while eliminating the extra time and effort to handle support calls too. This frees you up to spend more time nurturing new leads and generating even more sales with your primary business objective.

Now that you’ve seen the truth behind cloud phone misconceptions, it’s time to step outside your comfort zone and start making money and generating recurring revenue through hosted VoIP sales. At Loop Communications, we partner with MSPs exclusively and help you bring a hosted VoIP solution with unified communications services to your customers. Ready to get started? Contact us today.