New ways of communicating in business are changing how we use our phones to connect to our customers and employees. In the US, over 6 billion text messages are sent every day making it the most popular messaging tool on the planet. Skyrocketing business flexibility, Loop Communications offers all our customers SMS and MMS Text to Email feature with our business VoIP service–making it easy and efficient to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere while you take your business on the go!


SMS/MMS for business, lets you send unlimited text messages to your customers and employees from your local business phone number rather than your personal cell-phone number. Anyone can send text messages directly to your business phone number and you will receive the message via email. You can respond from your email directly and the system will automatically text back to the sender’s number, simple. To the recipient, it’s undetectable that the text is coming from anything other than another phone. But as the sender, you have the ultimate flexibility of texting from anywhere with your email connected! MMS, also known as Multimedia Messaging Service, lets you send unlimited text messages with pictures, audio, and video files to your recipients– allowing for larger files to be sent, quickly and efficiently.


In a recent study by Neilson, 56% of people surveyed said they’d rather message a business than call customer service because to them it was more convenient, lower cost, saved time, and avoided negative call center experiences. Here’s why:


Text messaging has the advantages of being faster, efficient, and less disruptive to your normal workday than taking the time to pick up the phone and call. Simply send a quick message and carry on with your day. Larger documents, images, audio files and more, can also be sent on the spot, leading to quicker resolutions. Lastly, business text messaging keeps a complete copy of the dialogue, making it easy to follow up in the future or refer back to the information.


Business text messaging is a cost-effective communication tool for both customers and businesses. For customers, SMS/MMS texting to email is an included feature available with Loop’s VoIP services. Compared to the cost of traditional landline calls, it’s a no-brainer to reach for your cell-phone to fire off a text.

For businesses, there are even more benefits. When customers choose to communicate by text for support or advice, a call center’s bills can greatly decrease. In addition, business text messaging can be utilized to advertise campaigns, all while enhancing the level of personal support offered to any consumer.


Not only does business text messaging increase flexibility, efficiency, and slash costs but it also has a great success rate compared to traditional calls or emails:

  • Text messages are opened and read almost five times more than email
  • 90% of all text messages are read within the first three minutes of receipt
  • 33% of businesses are using text messaging to communicate to their customers
  • 84% of consumers prefer to text a business rather than call
  • Consumers are 4.5x more likely to respond to a text than email


It’s easier to be successful with the right tools. The best way for businesses to start introducing text messaging into their overall communications is to choose a VoIP solution provider that includes built-in SMS/MMS features. For more information on our features and VoIP service, please reach out to 800-586-0321