Loop Communications started off as an MSP that used our mastery of all things digital to create value for our clients. Cloud migration, mobility solutions, security issues — whatever the issue, we made it happen. But over time we noticed a pattern: everybody hated their phone service. The customer service was poor, the pricing was incomprehensible and service agreements could be downright ludicrous.

We accepted the challenge and built a new business phone system from the ground up that was fast, scalable, reliable, and responsive.

Check out these 6 Busted VoIP Myths (and a few things to consider) when evaluating if a VoIP phone system is right for your customers:

VoIP Myth #1 – Call Quality is Poor

Historically, call quality was an issue with VoIP. Delays, echoes, and background noise were prevalent and difficult to diagnose and resolve. But a lot has changed in recent years, bandwidth has become far more accessible, affordable, and stable. Additionally, manufacturers of gateway devices (firewalls/routers) have adapted to the increasing popularity of VoIP and are far better at managing traffic needs and requirements.

We work with our partners to ensure that the appropriate connectivity, device, and configurations are in place to make a VoIP deployment successful. There are many variables that need to be considered, but we’ve developed our processes to quickly identify and resolve areas that could create quality issues and create a long-term perception of quality.

VoIP Myth #2 – VoIP Technology isn’t Secure

Any traffic traversing the public Internet should be considered a target, and therefore secured as strongly as possible. Loop addresses these concerns by taking a multi-faceted approach to ensuring the integrity and privacy of our network and customer conversations. Here are a few examples of our approach:

  • Whitelisting rather than responsive blocking. We block everything unless it is specifically allowed. Nothing is hitting our infrastructure without first being approved and allowed.
  • Authentication using 32 characters, randomly generated hexadecimal passwords.
  • Certificate-based encryption between endpoints.

If you’d like to know more detail, give us a call! We would be happy to explain and answer any questions you may have. The goal is for your customer to have a simple, reliable, and secure phone system, and we will take care of the rest.

VoIP Myth #3 – 911 or Emergency Services Can’t Be Called

Since VoIP services can be used from any internet-connected device, there is an assumption that it cannot be associated with a specific physical address and emergency services could not be routed appropriately. Not true. Enhanced 911 (E911) service solves that problem.

As soon as the customer signs on, their physical address is configured with the caller’s telephone number and will route to the most appropriate Public Safety Answering Point for that address.

VoIP Myth #4 – You Only Save Money Calling VoIP to VoIP

Typically, Loop customers save 50 to 60% over comparable carriers, whether traditional landlines or other VoIP providers. All calls, local and long-distance is included, eliminating unpredictable toll charges.

VoIP Myth #5 – Features are an additional cost

With some VoIP providers, features like ring groups, auto attendants, and music on hold are only available to those who invest in a higher tier of phone system or purchase an additional package. With Loop, ALL features are available to everyone, and included in the price of the phone service, no matter how many features are used or unused. And, features are cloud-based, so, with the direct help of our support team, we can easily and remotely deploy these to your customer’s business phone system.

VoIP Myth #6 – Existing Numbers Will Be Lost

All businesses rely heavily on phones to conduct business, so the last thing your customer needs is to change their phone numbers and confuse their customers. Luckily, number porting is all part of the process when switching to a hosted VoIP provider. This is how Loop will ensure a smooth transition…

  1. We understand number porting and make sure your customers know which numbers they intend to keep.
  2. We recommend to not cancel your old phone service until you know the number has been ported. Otherwise, you’ll lose that number, and you can’t get it back.

So have no fear, you can keep your phone numbers!

For more information on our Partner Program, and how we can solve your customer’s business phone needs, please give us a call at 800-586-0321, email us at [email protected] or fill out a contact request form and our team will reach out as soon as possible.

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