You shouldn’t have to settle to get what you need.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. You don’t offer the same service to each of your customers, so why should you have to settle for a generic phone system? At Loop Communications, we approach things differently. Our simple, reliable, flat-fee business phone system is designed to fit most small- and mid-sized businesses, but can be customized to your needs as well.

Here’s how we’re different.

We Get You Up and Running with Ease

We take the time up front to understand and evaluate your environment to ensure the most successful implementation. We’re dedicated to answering every question, helping with every step of the transition, and considering every detail from your perspective.

We’ve Always Got Your Back

We love talking to you, so we’ll never charge you for a conversation. This means all support is included. You can always call or email with questions, troubleshooting or ideas you want to brainstorm. If you’re adding employees, moving offices, or adding a location, call us and we’ll configure all of the changes for you.

The Features You Need, At No Additional Cost

We understand that your business has specific needs. That’s why we offer great features like call recording, call routing, location flexibility and many more – all at no additional cost to you.  We don’t believe you should pay extra to make your system to work for you.

No Surprises When the Bill Comes

We keep it simple with no unexpected add-on fees. Each extension is only $17 per month. You don’t have to worry about where the extension is, high call volume, number of features you use, etc. It’s all covered, and you pay the same price.

No Contracts, Ever

Most companies will try to lock you into a three-year contract. We prefer to operate under the principle that if we provide exceptional customer service coupled with 40 to 60 percent savings, we don’t have to lock our customers into contracts. We want you to stay simply because you get great service for less, not because you’re trapped.

Let us evaluate your phone system and show you how Loop Communications can give the reliability, personalized service and value that your agency needs.