Included in the cost of your business phone system service agreement with Loop Communications is the ability to use Call Routing, which makes sure that anyone calling into your business gets the help they need.

An incoming call can pretty much be routed anywhere you’d like. It can go to a single extension, a ring group of multiple extensions, a queue, an external number, an automated attendant, or voicemail. Wherever the right place might be, we can easily help you set things up to make that happen.

Our Call Routing feature also encompasses the entire call flow logic. So for example, if no one answers the ring group after 30 seconds, where does the call route to next? It can be sent to voicemail, another ring group, an external call center, or any number of other helpful options.

We understand that we’ve explained this feature by basically saying, “It can do anything you want!” For more details about Call Routing and other great VoIP business phone system features from Loop Communications, contact us now!