Offered as part of your business phone system service agreement with Loop Communications is a Digital Fax that lets you send and receive fax messages with your computer or mobile device, and without the hassle of using paper.

Fax messages can be sent from devices of all kinds. Just use your e-mail account, attach the document you’d like to fax, and send it to a customized e-mail address that we’ll create.

You’ll receive Digital Fax messages via e-mail, with the fax in the form of a PDF attachment. Open or download it on any device instantly! For incoming faxes, we can port in your current number or obtain a new one.

When not using e-mail, try our portal, where you can upload and send faxes as well as download received faxes.

For more information about Digital Fax and other great VoIP business phone system features from Loop Communications, contact us now!