Included in the cost of your business phone system service agreement with Loop Communications is a Local Numbers feature that helps strengthen your relationship with local customers by choosing the area code most closely identified with your business.

If your small- or medium-sized business has most of its relationships in one area, customers probably feel more comfortable calling you locally when they need assistance. Let’s say you open a new location for your business and need to receive calls before staffing up there. That’s no problem, as you can select numbers relevant to your new location, and route calls back to an existing office for as long as you need to.

Whether you’re signing up with Loop for the first time or have been a customer for years, let us know what local numbers you’d like set up and we’ll be happy to help by offering you all the available numbers in that city or area code.

For more information about Local Numbers and other great VoIP business phone system features from Loop Communications, contact us now!