Your business phone system service agreement with Loop Communications offers an Operator Panel/Switchboard that gives your company’s operator (or other person granted access) a live view of your entire phone system.

At any time, your operator will have a view of all your company’s extensions. If someone is on the phone, the operator will know. If the operator wants to execute any number of Loop’s features – transferring a call, recording a call, parking a call, listening in on a call, etc. – he or she will be able to do so.

We have found the Operator Panel/Switchboard feature to be popular for:

  1. Companies with multiple offices, so they can view who is on the phone in other locations, and
  2. Companies with queues or ring groups that want to easily monitor who is answering calls and how many customers are waiting on hold

For more details about the Operator Panel/Switchboard and other great VoIP business phone system features from Loop Communications, contact us now!