Included in the cost of your service agreement with Loop Communications is a Ring Group feature that helps your business share the distribution of incoming calls among employees.

Here’s how it works: If you don’t want sales or customer services calls (for example) going to the same extension every time, you can efficiently distribute them among a Ring Group. Some of the methods as to how extensions will be dialed include:

Ring All

The default setting – this will ring all available channels simultaneously until someone answers.


This will take turns ringing each available extension, one at a time.

Memory Hunt

This will begin by ringing the first extension in the list. After that, it will ring the first and second together, then the first, second and third extensions together, and so on.

First Unavailable

This will only ring the first available channel.

First Not On Phone

This will only ring the first channel that is not off-hook, ignoring call waiting.


Calls ring extensions without a predefined priority in a random order. This helps spread ring group calls evenly among the group, which can simulate queue behavior when a queue cannot be used.

For more information about Ring Group and other great VoIP business phone system features from Loop Communications, contact us now!