Included in the cost of your business phone system service agreement with Loop Communications is the ability to use Time-Based Routing, which allows you to handle calls differently depending on the day or time of day.

This feature gives you the ability to set the when and the how of call routing – you choose the appropriate options depending on the day/date/time scenario. For example, you might want to send calls to a ring group during business hours. When your business is closed – say, at night or on weekends – you may want a closed announcement with the option to leave a voicemail. On holidays, you can set that same option, or customize it with a different message.

There are options beyond greetings and voicemails, too. If you want to set your phone system to ring a mobile number or alternate office locations at certain times, that’s easy to handle as well. Just reach out, and we’ll adjust your Time-Based Routing feature to meet your needs.

For more details about Time-Based Routing and other great VoIP business phone system features from Loop Communications, contact us now!