Have you ever been in a business situation where you thought, “This is really how things should be done”? Well, this is how Loop Communications established our Fully Managed Hosted VoIP; We couldn’t find a voice partner who “did it” the way it really should be done: affordably, competently, and with a personal touch. 

Loop originally started as a general Managed Service Provider (MSP) firm, providing value to our small and medium-sized business customers with all things IT support. Anything from cloud migration, security issues, mobility solutions—whatever was needed, we made it happen! 

Over time, we started to notice businesses were unhappy with their phone service, complaining of awful customer support, outrageous pricing, and shackling service agreements. We had a thought: “This is how Voice should be done.” 

So, we built our own phone system infrastructure from the ground up that was fast, scalable, reliable, and responsive. We developed an all-inclusive voice technology that has continually been rooted in deep and lasting customer service. While developing our solution, it became apparent that MSPs everywhere were looking for a phone provider they could trust. 

To provide a great voice service to businesses, we still need the other half of the solution: the MSP. 

Loop solely partners with MSPs to install and help ensure our voice solution operates reliably on your business side—maintaining the network and making sure your IT infrastructure is in good health. Hosting VoIP in your business will not create problems but rather expose technical issues if there are any. It is important to have an MSP bridge the gap between your business and your voice solution.

Without an MSP engaged and part of the VoIP solution side, your business communications will eventually fail due to technical challenges. This creates frustration for everyone involved and goes against the very premise of our company values. We want success for your business, and we know it takes an MSP/VoIP partnership to make it possible. 

If you are interested in implementing our hosted VoIP for business but need an MSP to get started, please reach out to us at [email protected] or call 1-800-586-0321