It’s no secret that in today’s society, everyone is on the go, and business hardly stops. For this reason, hosted VoIP business phones have been increasing in popularity due to the low-cost, increased efficiency, and productivity that it provides businesses. Here are 6 trends to pay attention to in 2023:

  1. The shift to using hosted VoIP/Cloud PBX 

More and more companies are converting to hosted VoIP services for their low cost and low maintenance functionality. For businesses that are in a transition to mobility, cloud PBX is a favored cloud service that is being heavily incorporated into small and medium-sized businesses. Due to its high level of customization, hosted business phones are being pursued by most businesses next year.

  1. Cloud integration with software

VOIP was designed to accommodate the modern business workflow and is suited for integration to deliver higher productivity. A lot of companies and departments such as accounting, CRM, contact centers, or help desks are moving toward SaaS services specifically for integration purposes. Learn more about Loop’s integration capabilities here! As the VoIP industry becomes more popular, the integration of these systems will be a necessity in 2023.

  1. VoIP and SMS/MMS

The trend is growing, and businesses are finding it critical to integrate and consolidate different communications channels into a single system with a common interface. Enhanced productivity through abilities such as SMS/MMS is becoming increasingly popular as businesses are more and more on the go. Loop’s SMS for business lets you send unlimited text messages to your customers and employees from your local business phone number rather than your personal cell phone number.

  1. Mobile VoIP for flexibility

Typically, a desk phone is a company’s approach to transitioning to VoIP, but nowadays the flexibility of taking your business mobile is becoming an ultimate focus. Loop offers a Softphone + Desktop app to keep you connected to your business anytime, anywhere. Trends show businesses gravitating towards consolidating communications, and we can offer this through a single application that can be installed on your desktop, laptop computer, or mobile devices.

  1. Focus on VoIP security

Cyberthreats continue to be a persistent challenge for businesses across the world, and with VoIP, we have the same vulnerabilities and risks. More business owners are recognizing the data breach disruptions, lawsuits, and knock to their reputation, growth, and sustainability from cyber threats. Having a knowledgeable and equipped VoIP provider to manage, combat, and prevent these cyberattacks is crucial to maintain your business operations without interruption or risk. Loop Communications offers a fully managed and hosted VoIP solution so you and your customers can stay worried and risk-free. Learn more about our business phone system features here!

  1. Customer-centric VoIP features for enhanced customer satisfaction

Businesses that are looking for a better customer experience that can be delivered with convenience, are switching to VoIP since there are frequently new features being released to enhance productivity and business connectivity. VoIP Business phone systems can track insights and data to build a better customer experience at a reasonable price. Loop Communications offers Call Monitoring as one of our many VoIP features— listen to the conversation via our Monitor option and offer valuable tips later.

Are you trying to convert your customer to VoIP? Loop offers a free consult! Bring in your customer and let us get to know their business needs and how we can solve them. Contact us now to learn more about our Partner Program.