Included in the cost of your service with Loop Communications is an Automated Attendant that is designed to make business phone systems run more smoothly. This feature greets callers and allows them to be automatically transferred to extensions without the intervention of a receptionist or operator.

Smaller businesses might like the idea of a staff member answering the phone, with the Automated Attendant jumping in when a call can’t be answered. We get that, and our service can handle it.

Those with larger offices and companies sometimes prefer the Automated Attendant to be the first thing a caller hears before offering options and routing the person to the proper department. No problem there, either.

Our Automated Attendant feature comes with all the usual offerings, including call routing to internal or external numbers, and tracking a caller’s number based on which option they select so you know what they need before you even answer the phone.

Why is our Automated Attendant different than the competition’s? There are two main reasons:

  1. Many of our competitors set up their customers with the means to handle this task themselves. We think you’ve already got enough to do, so we’ll manage all Automated Attendant issues for you. Want to change your message based on time of day, a special promotion or to simply let customers know you’re closed due to inclement weather? We’ll take care of it at no extra charge.
  2. Others will tell you that it’s a great idea to have professional greetings recorded to use with your Automated Attendant. That’s not good enough – we’ll produce complimentary, professionally recorded messages if you tell us what you’d like them to say. And if you’re nice, we might even help you with the script!

For more information about Automated Attendant and other great features from Loop Communications, contact us now!