Do you have an employee that doesn’t need a physical, office phone, but still wants an extension on your business phone system? You’re in luck! Loop Communications has a Virtual Extensions feature that lets an employee have a business number attached to any phone you wish.

Virtual Extensions can help small- and medium-sized businesses of all kinds, but since we see it used most often with real estate agents, we’ll use them as an example. Realtors tend to be out of the office a lot – or even all the time – so what would be the use of them having office phones?

Your real estate agency can assign an office number to a realtor, and simply have calls to that extension forwarded to the realtor’s cell phone. The realtor gets the calls, and your brand identity is helped by potential customers not having to dial a strange-looking cell phone number. Virtual Extensions can be attached to our Voicemail to Email feature as well. Best of all, this feature is easy to set up and adjust whenever you need to.

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