Included in the cost of your service agreement with Loop Communications is a Voicemail to Text feature that helps employees who are often away from the office. This was added to our service in Spring 2018, and is something that our competitors either A) don’t have or B) charge extra for.

We already have a Voicemail to Email feature that allows audio (.wav) files of voicemails to be sent immediately to the phone extension’s corresponding email address. Now, we’ve added this text transcription feature. After a voicemail is left, the corresponding email includes that call’s transcript. This option helps if you need to forward an excerpt of a message to colleagues, or happen to be in a situation where you can’t listen to audio.

During Loop’s onboarding process with new customers, we can set up any or all phone extensions to use the Voicemail to Text feature. If you’d like to change or add an extension later, you can easily make changes with our User Control Panel portal, or simply ask us to make the adjustment for you. The User Control Panel also allows you to view call histories, download the transcripts, and delete voicemails.

For more information about Voicemail to Text and other great features from Loop Communications, contact us now!