Loop Communications Partner Resources

Thanks for being a Loop Communications partner!  Please feel free to download and use any of the resources.  If you have a customer in mind and would like to get a proposal or have us reach out, please see the “submit lead” section.  As always, we are available for any questions, you can call us at 800-586-0320, email us at [email protected], or find our direct contact info under the “contacts” section.

Let us know if there is something else you would like to see on this page.

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Pre-Written Email Template-VoIP

Use these pre-written email templates, with detailed information about Loop’s VoIP services & features, to advertise to your current cor prospect customers. Feel free to add your own context, images or sign-up forms, and contact information.


Website Template-VoIP Services

Use this website template, with detailed information about Loop’s VoIP service, to advertise on your own company’s website. Feel free to add your own context and sign-up forms or contact information-this guide is how we would display VoIP to our customers, so it is already gathered for you!


Trusted Service Partner Badge

Use this badge on your social media platforms, website, and at the end of your email signature to show you are a Trusted Service Partner with Loop Communications.


Social Media Guide

Sample social media posts that you can use in your own businesses’ social media platforms.  Includes post text, accompanying image, infographics,  popular hashtags and more!


Price Sheet – US

This price sheet contains the majority of the monthly service pricing.  Feel free to share with customers / prospects.  View hardware pricing here: VoIP Phones


Price Sheet – Canada

This is the Candian Dollar version of the price sheet. Feel free to share with customers / prospects.


How to Submit Your Lead flyer

This is a flyer designed to explain ways you as an MSP partner can submit your customer leads.  Feel free to download and share it with your employees.


“Why Loop” flyer

This is a flyer designed to describe Loop Communications to a customer.  Feel free to download and use for your prospects.


Tips to Sell VoIP

If you are looking for some ideas for how to present VoIP to your customers, this may be helpful.  It contains various discussion points when comparing Loop to traditional phones or other VoIP providers.


Why We Are Trusted

This is a flyer designed to highlight Loop’s customer service accolades which includes quotes, testimonials, and links to external sites for additional reviews.


Sales Presentation

This presentation is targeted towards an end customer and presents the benefits of Loop Communications.  Feel free to use as part of your own sales presentation or as an asset to your sales team.  We are also happy to present to your prospects.


Partner Program Overview

This video features our President, James McKinney, and covers Loop’s Partner Program details and VoIP service operations. Feel free to share this with your team as a training tool for how we integrate with you as an MSP.


4 Pillars of VoIP Support

This blog is a reminder of Loop’s support to our MSP partners and your customers. Please share this document with your employees or use it as talking points when acquiring new leads.



Partner and Sales support: 800-586-0320 or [email protected]
Customer Service: 800-586-0321 or [email protected]

James McKinneyPresident
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 704-754-5962
Brian TollesonCEO
Email: [email protected]ions.com
Phone: 704-754-5948
Atticus FergusonSales
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 704-754-5947
Sarah GravesMarketing
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 704-754-5605

Submit Lead

There are two ways for you, as a partner, to begin the sales process for one of your customers. The preferred method is entirely up to you. You can either use the form below or reach out to us directly.  This guide will list out the options and the steps for each:

  1. Make an Intro – We’re built to work directly with end users. This means you can feel comfortable making an email or phone introduction, whereupon we will pick up the ball and run with it. We’ll ensure your kept informed of the progress and will reach out to you directly with any questions that may be of a more technical nature. The goal is for your customer to feel confident in the process and for you to not be in a position of failure!  Include James McKinney, Brian Tolleson, or simply [email protected] in your introduction email.
  2. Send us the specifics – If you would rather present the quote to your customer, we’re prepared to make that happen as well. Send over as many specifics as possible, such as number of extensions, phone numbers, desired phone models (if needing hardware) and any unique requirements, such as integration with an existing intercom or door security. Don’t feel like you need to be ready with everything, we’ll ask if something’s missing. With this info we’ll put together the quote and get it to you to present.
  • We will not reach out to your customer unless you ask us to do so
  • This is so we can confirm portability.
  • If so, please include which phone models we should include: view phone models
  • If so, which countries
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 128 MB.
      Upload supporting documents such as invoices, extension lists, etc.