Loop Communications is a trusted business phone system provider for customers in a variety of industries. Through our reliability, scalability, and top-notch customer service, we have established ourselves as a leader in Hosted VoIP for business professionals.

Due to COVID-19, we have seen an increase in companies bringing their businesses home to keep a social distance for the safety and health of others. As a team, we have offered all our customers any support needed to ensure success through this transition.

Hosted VoIP provides many ways to work remotely, increasing flexibility, while still maintaining the professionalism of working in an office setting. We partner with Managed Service Providers to ensure every customer is set-up with a reliable voice network and the tools necessary to bring your business with you.

During a time like this, where many are converting to working remotely, we assist your customers directly with phone-related support, technical changes, enabling features and trouble-shooting so you never have to be the middle-man and solve issues or adjustments on our end. We strive to make sure your customers are presented with the perfect solution for their business and are elated with the support they receive; We answer every question, help with every step of a transition, and consider every detail from the customer’s perspective—it’s what makes the difference.

Some features we have implemented to bring business to your home are:

Call Forwarding

SMS Text to E-mail

Automated Attendant—Voice Over Recording

Conference Bridge

Digital Fax

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Customer Testimonials:

“Fantastic support from the Loop team. John emailed me as late as 10:00 PM to ensure that my issues were resolved. Thank you very much for the quality of support and commitment to our success! Loop’s support has not waivered over the 6+ year partnership, and that is rare. You and your team are incredible!” –Will McWhorter


“Loop is amazing! They are always willing to help and keep us operating our telecommunications smoothly. In the midst of this Coronavirus chaos and our transition to home offices, Loop handled our phone system seamlessly. They were the shining star of my otherwise dismal week!” –Cheryl Nabell


Need tips? Here are a few ways you can be productive working from home if this is a new experience for you:

  • Keep regular hours—Get up, start working at the same time you did when you went to the office. Win the morning, win the day.
  • Don’t work in bed—It’s a trap. Get out of your pajamas, take a shower, put some decent clothes on and get to work.
  • Set up a workstation—A regular workstation is key. Use a desk if you can but a kitchen table works too. When it’s work time, we need to provide ourselves a productive working environment.
  • Invest in software—Invest in some good meeting software like Zoom so you can share screens and hold meetings remotely. Slack is our instant messaging app of choice. And, WeTransfer is free to transfer large files. Most importantly…
  • Live it up!—Go for a walk, a workout or catch up on some fresh air and sunshine during the workday.