MSPs! Offer your customers the most requested and relied on features of hosted business phone systems in 2020. Throughout COVID19, Loop’s superior technical support team was able to assist our VoIP customers by smoothly and efficiently helping each business implement the features necessary to continue their business through remote work options.

Here is a list of Top 10 Favorite Features of VoIP 2020—

Automated Attendant—your customers’ ticket to increase efficiency by eliminating the need for a live receptionist. Incoming calls are routed to desired extensions based on rules or criteria outlined by your customers and set-up by Loop’s support team. With this feature, customers can pre-record messages, select on-hold music options, and customize the way they handle all their businesses call traffic—for more information on this feature visit here.

Call Forwarding— is a very popular feature that allows your customer’s calls to always be attended to and never ignored. We aren’t always in the office to get things done! Inbound calls are automatically redirected to another extension or even a cell-phone number—a great option for business owners who want to go mobile, away from the desk phone, and not miss out on any sales leads. Learn more here!

Call Parking— This feature works great if you need to move from place to place. Customers can park calls, walk to another colleague’s office, and pick the call up wherever they need to be—and include multiple people on the call. The caller will also listen to on-hold music while waiting. If no one picks up after a pre-set time, the call will ring back the original extension that parked the call. Read more here.

Call recording comes in handy when a conversation includes a lot of details that may need recording—maybe for quality assurances, training, or reference purposes. Customers who are traveling away from their office can even record a call on-the-go, alleviating the worry to take meticulous notes—the call can simply be played back. Learn more details here.

Caller ID provides important information on incoming calls before your team addresses the call—commonly includes the user’s name and company name. With this feature, customers can easily block anonymous or unknown calls. For more information on outbound caller ID’s click here.

SMS Texting to Email—also known as business text messaging lets customers send unlimited texts from their local business phone numbers instead of a personal cell-phone number. The text messaging back and forth transmits via email, is undetectable as “texting,” and provides ultimate flexibility to stay connected with anyone, anytime, anywhere. For more details click here.

Softphone App—allows customers to access communication features with efficiency through a single application that can be installed on the desktop, laptop computers, or mobile devices. Multiple features can be easily set-up within the app to direct incoming calls and make sure they are covered by employees if one person is unavailable. Learn more about Click-to-Call and Call Pop on our desktop app.

CRM Integration—allows cloud VoIP providers, like Loop Communications to connect CRM accounts with your customer’s business phone systems and exchange data between the two platforms. Currently, Loop Communication’s VoIP business phone system integrates with

Customers can easily view a popup alert on their computer for all inbound calls, showing the ID info of the caller. For incoming calls, the user can click on the desktop popup or answer the phone, and the system will automatically open the related company or contact information page in the CRM platform. Learn more here!

Voicemail to Email— We set up extensions at your customer’s office to have audio (.wav) files of voicemails sent immediately to the phone extension’s corresponding email addresses. When the email comes in, the audio file will be attached, enabling the recipient to listen to the message and respond to the caller. Missing calls while out of the office is never a problem again. Read more here!

Call Center Queue Reports—help customers make it easier to understand and improve their call center efficiency. These reports can be sorted in many ways to give your customers a better gauge of their call center activity. Some examples of that are displaying by queue, by time, by service level (length of call), and by an agent. What’s the average wait time for a call? Read more here.

Loop has designed our business phone service from the ground up to be flexible, reliable and most of all, customer-focused. The result is an enterprise-class, cloud-based business phone system that works around your customers’ needs rather than the limitations of hardware or constraining policies. To see a full list of features or learn more about our partner program visit our website.