4 Elements MSPs are Seeking from VoIP Providers

Quality partnerships are a crucial lifeline to your MSP business. Not only do they help free you up to conquer your main service, but they ensure your customers are getting the very best possible solution and support they need to assist their business.

In the realm of communications, Hosted VoIP has become essential for many MSPs, and provides an advantageous opportunity for business growth—especially when partnering with experienced providers. There are hundreds of VoIP providers, and just like any service, it can be challenging to determine how you can navigate these services while still providing the best solution, support for your customers and remain at a reasonable price.

MSPs are looking for cost-effective and budget-friendly communications platforms to provide their customers—a quality Hosted VoIP provider should be able to meet those objectives. What are the four key things you should be looking for in a communications partner?

  1. Reliability
  2. Mobility
  3. Integrations
  4. Flexible Features


A reliable VoIP provider will not leave you or your customers hanging in a time of need. Premium customer support is the number one reliability issue with communications providers these days. Loop Communications excels in customer service as we are rated number one through G2, TrustSpot, and have received many awards surrounding our superior quality customer support and easy-to-use VoIP. A good VoIP partner should treat your customers how you would treat them. Loop handles all onboarding, technical changes, updates, maintenance, and any other support method needed, leaving you, the MSP, at ease and with free time to accomplish other things more profitable to your business. And, giving your customers easy access to a support lifeline at any point of need.


It is common to take the business on the go, which is why MSPs are searching for a VoIP solution partner that enables their customers to do business anywhere, anytime, and with ease of mobility. Providing your customers with the ability to work from home is essential, and it must be done with reliable communications. A quality VoIP provider should provide the tools and features necessary to help your customers succeed in their business, no matter where they are. Some of the most popular features Loop’s customers are raving over are SMS/MMS Text to Email, Softphone Desktop + Mobile App, Voicemail to Text, Automated Attendant, Digital Fax, Call Forwarding, and more! A VoIP partner that can provide your customer with mobile productivity in the workforce holds a huge advantage over others. With Loop’s phone service plan, all features are included with no extra costs—we don’t nickel and dime you over features that are essential to a mobile functioning business.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a vital tool for your customers to keep track of their interactions with prospects and current customers. CRM integrations allow third parties, such as cloud VoIP providers, like Loop Communications to connect your CRM account with your business phone system and exchange data between the two platforms. Here’s what you can expect from using our VoIP service that integrates with your customer’s CRM platforms:

  • Easily view a popup alert on your computer for all inbound calls, showing the ID info of the caller
  • For incoming calls, the user can click on the desktop popup or answer the phone, and the system will automatically open the related company or contact information page in your CRM platform. This is ideal for help desk integration, helping you provide better support.
  • We also have a click-to-dial extension that will convert phone numbers on a web-based CRM into clickable links which will make a direct outbound call to that number-enabling the user to directly call the customer from the software itself.

Connecting work applications streamlines operations and eliminates headaches for your clients and their customers.


Loop has designed our business phone service from the ground up to be flexible, reliable and most of all, customer-focused. The result is an enterprise-class, cloud-based business phone system that works around your customer’s needs rather than the limitations of antiquated hardware or constraining policies.

The flexible functionality that VoIP brings to the table really can set your customer’s business apart from others. For example, hosted VoIP adds professionalism to an organization with call monitoring, on-hold music, call routing, multi-location support, and professional voice recording. With the right voice solution, multi-tasking employees have the tools to be more productive. See the full list of features.

A Voice Partner You Can Count On

Hosted VoIP is an excellent addition to any MSP’s service portfolio, but it can be a hindrance if the reliability, integrations, mobility, and features don’t live up to your customer’s expectations.

The search for the right provider stops here. Loop Communications offers new MSP partners the ability to try our VoIP service for free, while experience the same responsiveness and support your customers will receive. To learn more about our Partner Program please reach out to [email protected] or fill out your information here.