This is year has been long and unsettling, to say the least—for many businesses, tragic. For some, a success that is celebrated and sought after in this pivotal time. As you approach 2021, a new year and a new chance, where does your IT or MSP business stand?

In this blog, “How MSPs Can Survive, Thrive and Recover With VoIP During a Pandemic,” you can lean into Loop Communication’s advice & strategies on key categories like:

VoIP Provider Support Systems

Recurring Revenue Streams in VoIP

Top 10 VoIP Features of 2020

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, many MSP companies had to quickly ramp up infrastructure and processes to enable remote working, business mobility, and now ongoing efforts toward digital transformation. Most organizations are now at a point of re-evaluating their service & product offerings and learning new ways to gain and maintain new customers. It is critical that MSPs position themselves in a way to accelerate in the digital marketplace that is rapidly evolving.

One of the BEST ways to survive, thrive, and recover is to rely on a cloud-hosted solution

and process that is in high-demand—Business VoIP Phone Solutions.

Loop provides a VoIP Partner Program that is easy and seamless—we work with MSPs to offer customers with Hosted VoIP, giving small & medium-size businesses the ability to scale with flexible business communications. Going into 2021, allow Loop to manage your VoIP offerings and take advantage of all we have to offer:

VoIP Provider Support System

Here is a quick snapshot of what it’s like working with Loop:

We partner with you to create a proposal for your customer, Loop completes the onboarding process directly with your customer, you perform the initial install, and then it’s pretty much hands-off for you as we handle all customer support, technical changes, updates, feature set-ups, troubleshooting and offer supportive advice on the best ways your customer can utilize Loop’s VoIP Phone System. Read customer testimonials here.

Loop also offers all our MSP partners a dedicated resources site that hosts assets like Sales & Marketing Training Tools and Assets, Social Media Guides, Social Media Promo Videos, Infographics & Digital Shareables, E-books, Customer Intro Flyers, About Loop Flyers, Multi-use Price Sheets, Lead Submission Forms, and more! So, while we provide amazing support to your current customers, you can bring awareness to potential customers! To support the general MSP community, we host a site that you can access downloadable resources right now for free and with no obligations!

Recurring Revenue Streams in VoIP

 The business uncertainty of the post-pandemic environment could translate into declines in revenue for some MSPs. The Altaro Software survey found that 27% of MSP respondents expected revenue to decline, and of these respondents, 59 percent expected a decline of 21-40%. Sit back and relax when you sign-up to re-sell our VoIP—Loop gives you a monthly recurring revenue per customer for as long as they are using our services. Leveraging recurring revenue opportunities is a sure way to not only grow but thrive as an MSP business.


Top 10 VoIP Features of 2020

Join other successful MSPs and their customers using these Top Features of 2020: Automated Attendant, Call Forwarding, Call Parking, Call Recording, Caller ID, SMS Texting to Email, Voicemail to Email, Call Center Queue Reporting, Softphone Desktop + App and CRM Integration.

We’ve designed our business phone service from the ground up to be flexible, reliable and most of all, customer-focused. The result is an enterprise-class, cloud-based business phone system that works around your customers’ communication needs rather than the limitations of antiquated hardware or constraining policies. See a list of all features we currently offer.

The changes you implement in 2021 to offer a remote experience for your customers will directly reflect your level of future success—are you adapting to be a flexible and agile service provider? If you are interested in partnership, please reach out by email at [email protected] or call us at 800-586-0321